VIRU Tide Academy

“Helping beginners become good, and good become great”


“To ensure a pathway for regional talent to play first class rugby”


“To provide a dedicated pathway for youth rugby to learn, excel, and grow

as rugby players.”


The Academy’s purpose is support players to achieve excellence while
focusing on set out core skills that match the age of the participant to
maximize each player’s opportunity to:

1. Represent the age grade Tide Rugby Teams
2. Gain Selection for BC age grade teams
3. Represent Canada at the Under 17, 18, 19, 20 age grades or All
Canada Age-Grade Programs
4. Prepare them for senior rugby for regional talent to play first class rugby”

Coaching Staff

Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams

Head Coach

  • Senior Men’s Rugby Player 19 years
  • 3 years National Team 15’s Player
  • 8 years National Team 7’s Player
  • 12 years School Coach
  • 4 years, Jr club Coach
  • 4 years U20 National Team Coach
Greg Clague

Greg Clague

Management Staff

  • NZ premier rugby 13 years
  • All Auckland team 1997
  • 6 time Senior Men’s Coach VIRU
  • 10 years Elementary School Coach
  • 5 years Middle School Coach
  • 2 years High School Coach
  • 16 years, Jr club U8-U18
  • 2 years VIRU Age grade Tide Coach
Jared Barker

Jared Barker

Managment Staff

  • Senior Men’s Rugby Player 13 years
  • 6 years National Team Player
  • 3 years Professional Player, France-England
  • 10 years School Coach
  • 5 years, Jr club Coach
  • 2 years VIRU Age Grade Tide Coach
  • 1 year BC Age Grade Coach

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